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  • Spark Plug Gap Tool
  • Spark Plug Gap Tool
Spark Plug Gap ToolSpark Plug Gap ToolSpark Plug Gap Tool

Spark Plug Gap Tool

  • Product ID :NC-6077
  • Weight : 16g
  • Size : 0.6-2.4mm
  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Description:
    Application : Measuring Gap
    Type : Measuring Tool
* High quality materials.
* The spark plug is made of high quality materials for great durability, high strength and long service life.
* Accurate and clear, It utilizes die-cast construction for high accuracy and featuring an easy-to-read scale, very practical and convenient.
* Easy to use. This spark plug measuring coins has equipped with precise hinge positioning for easy operation.
* Small and Portable. This spark plug gauge is as small as a coin, almost taking no space, is easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of going out use.



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